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SBT Courier
The reliable transport partner of Biological Diagnostic Samples!

Working for years the field of transporting diagnostic biological samples in the global market, we found a lack of a reliable connecting link, which would undertake the proper and safe transportation of samples, specialized and fully harmonized with the regulations in transporting international packages.

The SBT Courier Ltd Company came just to meet this need by playing a vital role in transporting diagnostic biological samples in the global scene .

A key concern of the Company, which operates worldwide, is to offer high quality services to each customer, making quick and safe transportation of samples to the destination.

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Biological Samples Handling

The SBTcourier Ltd Company handles samples with speed, together with an expanded transport network, which includes leading high-profile global courier companies. Respectively, it is guaranteeing their safe transportation, by literal compliance with international regulations, regarding the transportation of diagnostic substances. Regulations determined by the rules of good practice (GMOs), the rules of the World Health Organization (WHO) reported to the proper function of the cold chain and other International Organisations (DGR, ADR / road transportation, IATA /air transportation, Code IMDG /marine transportation).

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SBT courier and its clients together can improve today's and future's patient care.

Transport Packaging of Biological Samples

SBTcourier Ltd provides a complete packaging solution (packages) for transporting biological samples, which are strictly high standards and fully harmonized with international regulations, achieving a safe and at the desired temperature transfer to the place of destination.

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